Freitag, 24. Juli 2009

<Phone-Interview with Google (Part 2)...>

Well, the last interview with Francois didn't turn out so well - I guess mainly due to some misunderstandings that arose during the interview...

I don't want to put the blame away from me, but Francois' English was very hard to understand due to his french accent and I had to request clarification for almost every sentence that he said - he must have felt that he has some dumbass incapable of understanding English at some points during the phone screen...

Anyway, he asked me where in Google I would want to work and I said that there is only one place where I would feel I could help Google: the GFS team (in case you're not en vogue with technology acronyms, here is a description).

Francois seemed to be astonished, because he asked me if I knew that GFS is the core of Google - I said, yes, I know that, that's why I would like to work there. He didn't seem to be very enthusiastic about my idea.

Then he asked me why I wanted to work at Google in the first place and I said that actually I do not *want* to work there, but if I got the chance, then yeah, why not. After all it was Google who initiated the telephone interview, not me. He seemed to be puzzled by that answer, as there was a notable delay before his next question.

The interview dabbled along, and I had the impression that Francois thought that I was a complete idiot.

Today I had a short conversation with a nice lady at Google, her name was Leila - she basically told me that although I have some very good and interesting experiences, they do not consider me a strong enough fit for a role as a software engineer at Google. How the hell am I supposed to live with that? Frak Google! Anyway, I want to thank Francois for his patience during the last phone screen ;-)

(Btw, the phone screen took place some time ago - I am just documenting it here because I find the general gist of it amusing)

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