Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2009

<Linus Torwalds vs. Alan Cox>

Today I came across this l.k.m.l thread, where Linus Torwalds bashed the seasoned tty maintainer Alan Cox...

I think the whole thing started off when Linus made a suggestion on how to fix a bug that Alan had been working on and Alan replied "wrong end of the stick" - Linus couldn't bear that and he started getting really mad at Alan, which culminated in his: "I think you're full of crap", and later Alan replied: "However I've had enough. If you think that problem is easy to fix you fix it. Have fun." - and he left the maintainers list...

To me, it doesn't really matter so much if Alan or Linus are right about the issue (actually, I think Alan might be right as he is the tty maintainer, but I'm to far away from the Linux kernel nowadays to base my opinion on technical facts) - what matters is that Linus seems to have some sort of ego problem as he chose to insult Alan based on his mere "you got it wrong" instead of discussing the matter on a technical and professional level.

What really makes me sad is that two purportedly grown-up and mature programmers don't seem to be able to get over their personal feelings towards each other - but I guess that's simply human.

Anyway, I would like to thank Alan and Linus for their great work - it's only sad, that you guys couldn't sort out your personal problems for the greater good of the Linux community.

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