Samstag, 25. Juli 2009


Recently, I have been to Prague for a short weekend trip. Wonderful city, beautiful architecture, (mostly) friendly people, nice food, tasty beer ;-)

In case you didn't know: Prague is the home to such diverse cultural amusings like the Kafka museum, the museum of medieval torture instruments, the museum on communism and the museum of sexual toys ;-)

I have taken some very nice pictures there, but I will only put the most beautiful and/or fascinating ones in this blog.

Number #1 (the most fascinating picture):

I took this picture somewhere in Prague near the hotel, I don't remember the street name. But I have been told that this sidewall is famous throughout Prague for it's varying paintings. To me, it seems to represent the eternal fate of destruction and reconstruction that we are experiencing...

Number #2 (the most interesting picture):

This picture is called "Absinth Dreams" and I took it in the restaurant "Slavia" in Prague. This was a very interesting restaurant, indeed. Even Hillary Clinton has already been there...

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