Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2009

<Phone-Interview with Google...>

Some time ago, I received an email from a lady that claimed to be a recruiter working for Google Inc. - she told me that she wanted to discuss some career opportunities at Google with me... at first, I thought that this was just another sort of scam trying to steal my time - but after checking the email headers I realized that it might be real...

Since then, I had three phone interviews: the first one was a fairly easy one: I had to prove how good I am at understanding English spoken by an Indian recruiter ;-) Jokes aside - the first interview was very easy, lots of questions like what is 2^12, how would you implement the counting of all the bits that are set to 1 in an array containing 10000 16-bit integers, and so on...

The second interview was with an engineer at Google's SRE team, I think his name was Bjorn - he was a bright guy that tortured me with some tough system administration questions (at least for me, as I am rather a software developer than an administrator).

The third interview was with James, another engineer at their SRE team - he seemed to be determined to test my software development skills, among others, I had to develop a small, but non-trivial C function via phone - something I have never done before during my last 17 years as a software engineer. I didn't know this was a sought-after skill - shame on me ;-).

So far I seem to have passed the software questions somehow, since Google told me that they see me fit better as a software engineer rather than an administrator (that's basically what I told them before the first interview, however, they have their own way of recruiting people...)

Anyway, my next phone screen will be next Thursday - this time with Francois... I hope he won't ask me questions in French, though... my French has deteriorated considerably since high school :-/

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